• What Protestors Need to Know About Getting Arrested

    The First Amendment gives you the right to assemble and take photos and videos in public spaces, such as during a protest. If you are arrested during a protest, be polite, don’t resist, and when you can, get information about posting bail in Upper Marlboro.

    This video explains your rights for protest, photography, and video in public spaces and what to do if you are arrested. If your rights are violated when you are protesting, after posting bail, you can work with an attorney to argue that you were wrongfully detained and are not guilty of a crime. Keep in mind that you have the right to photograph and film your encounters with officers and that they may not delete any of your photos or footage for any reason.

  • Property Bonds 101

    Property bonds are one way of posting bail that involves using your property as collateral. There are risks involved in using property bonds rather than working with a bail bond agent in Upper Marlboro , including losing your property. Before you consider posting bail with a property bond, it’s important to fully understand the agreement you are entering into with the court.

    What are property bonds?

    With a property bond, you provide the court with property collateral—often, your home—as a financial guarantee that the defendant will show up for all of his or her court dates. Property bonds are typically reserved for cases with high bail amounts, usually over $100,000. Depending on where you live and the requirements of the court, there may be rules regarding what kind of property can be used for bail and that all taxes on the property are paid in full.

    What are the risks of using property bonds?

    The biggest risk of a property bond is that you could potentially lose ownership. If the defendant does not show up for every scheduled court appearance, the court may seize the property. This risk is part of the reason that property bonds are not a common choice for posting bail and why it is only used in circumstances when bail amounts are very high.

    What are the alternatives for posting bail?

    Instead of property bonds, many people who need to post bail opt for use a surety bond obtained through a bail bond agent. The agent guarantees to the court that the defendant will be present for scheduled court dates and obtains an insurance policy that will pay the court if the defendant does not show up. For this service, the bail bond agent charges the person who arranged the bail a fee based on a percentage of the bail amount. Typically, the fees can be spread out in a payment plan to make even fees for large bail amounts manageable.

  • Immigrants: Know Your Rights If You Hear Immigration Knocking on Your Door

    If immigration agents come to your door, knowing your rights can protect you from unlawful imprisonment and removal. If immigration agents take you into custody, an immigration bond in Upper Marlboro can help you get back to your family.

    Watch this video to learn what to do if immigration agents come to your home. You don’t have to let them enter unless they have a warrant signed by a judge. Ask them to slide the warrant under your door for verification. If they enter by force, remain calm and state that you don’t authorize their entry and that you would like a lawyer. A lawyer will help your family arrange an immigration bond to get you out of custody.