• When Is Bail Considered Excessive?

    Many people have heard the term “excessive bail,” but what does it really mean? Bail is designed to encourage defendants to show up to their court dates without having to keep them incarcerated until their trial. After posting bail in Upper Marlboro , if you don’t show up for court, you could be responsible for the entire amount of the bail, plus fines and interest.

    Although bail may be expensive, that alone does not make it excessive. Excessive bail is bail that is much higher than is usually imposed for a specific charge or that is much more than is required to incentivize a defendant to appear in court. Bail should not be used to punish someone who is accused of a crime but rather to protect the interests of the community. An exception to excessive bail is when bail is denied completely because of the seriousness of the charges. Denying bail is legally permitted. If you believe that your bail is excessive, you can file an appeal with the courts to request that it be lowered.

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  • Don’t Make These Mistakes While out on Bail

    After posting bail in Upper Marlboro , the last thing you want to do is violate the terms of your bail and return to prison. Violating your bail could not only lead to you being re-incarcerated until your trial date, but it could also have serious financial consequences for the person who was responsible for posting your bail. Avoid these complications and preserve your freedom when you’re out on bail by staying away from these mistakes. bail - bonds

    Mistake: You don’t understand your restrictions.

    Most people who are out on bail are subject to restrictions imposed by the court. Take the time to review all the restrictions on bail with your bail bond agent or attorney. If you don’t have complete knowledge of the restrictions, you could inadvertently violate them, and the court is not likely to be understanding of your error. If you’re not sure if you’re allowed to do something at any point when you’re out on bail, consult with your attorney or bail bond agent to verify.

    Mistake: You spend time with people who could cause you to violate your bail.

    If your bail comes with restrictions about drinking or using drugs, avoid hanging out with people who engage in those activities and will tempt you to become involved. If you have friends who are involved in criminal activity, stay away from them so that you are not caught up in additional charges while out on bail.

    Mistake: You leave the area without permission.

    Nearly everyone on bail has movement restrictions that prevent him or her from leaving a certain geographic radius. Although it may seem like you can leave that area without attracting the attention of the court, doing so is extremely risky. If you are caught, you will almost certainly be seen as a flight risk, and your bail will be revoked. If you need to leave the area for any reason, you will need to get permission from the court so that you don’t violate your bail.

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Police Interactions at Demonstrations

    The right to peaceful demonstration is a cornerstone of American culture, but that doesn’t mean that protesters are free from the threat of police interactions and arrests. If you do encounter the police during a protest, there are steps you can take to deescalate the interaction and avoid arrest. If you are arrested in Upper Marlboro during a protest, a bail bond agent can help you secure your release. Reduce the chances of an arrest with this advice for interacting with the police. police - officer

    Do Stay Calm

    Demonstrations often cause tensions to run high, and if you believe the police are violating your rights, then it’s natural to want to argue. The best strategy, however, is to stay calm if you are confronted by an officer. Answer the officer’s questions and ask if you are free to leave. If the officer says you are, calmly remove yourself from the situation. Even if you think that your rights were being violated by the officer, try to get away from the situation and then confront any concerns you have about the interaction later.

    Don’t Resist Arrest

    If you are placed under arrest, don’t resist. Doing so could lead to additional charges, even if you think you are being placed under arrest inappropriately. You can ask what the charges are, but don’t discuss anything else with the police without an attorney. When the police allow you to make a phone call, phone someone who can help you with posting bail, so you get out of jail while the case is being decided.

    Do Report Rights Violations

    If your rights were violated by the police at a demonstration, file a complaint about the incident. Try to write down as much as you can about the interaction when it occurs and to take photos of any injuries you may have to include with your complaint. Remember that the time to make a complaint is not while the incident is occurring or when you are under arrest. Wait until after the demonstration and after posting bail, if you were arrested, so that you don’t risk further escalating the incident.

  • Bail Bond Cost: What to Expect

    When you work with a bail bond agent in Upper Marlboro to get a loved one out of jail, cost may be one of your primary concerns. It’s important to understand the costs of posting bail to avoid any surprises in the future. Although there is not a set cost for posting bail, you can understand which expenses you may face by understanding the process.

    The fee for posting bail is usually a percentage of the total bail amount. The percentage depends on the limits set by state laws where you live. You will also be responsible for any expenses the bail bond agent incurs as part of the case, such as travel expenses and administrative costs. In addition to the fee, you may be asked to provide collateral that will be seized if your loved one fails to show up for any court dates. Payment plans may be available to help you pay for the bail bond fees.

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