How Can I Get an Immigration Bond?

Immigration bonds are federal bonds used for detainees being held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Much like bail bonds, immigration bonds exist to guarantee a defendant’s appearance at court proceedings. If you’re planning on posting bail in Upper Marlboro for an immigration detainee, then it’s important to know that the only options for release are cash bonds posted through ICE and surety bonds posted through a licensed bail bondsman.

First, the immigration detainee must be eligible for an immigration bond, and it’s ideal to consult a lawyer in this regard. Then, if the person meets all eligibility criteria, the immigration judge and ICE must decide to offer an immigration bond. If there is no bond or if the amount is too high, then consider having your attorney request a reasonable bond amount from ICE. If this request is not granted, then you can ask to have a bond hearing with an immigration judge. To pay for your immigration bond, you can hire the services of a bail bondsman or pay the full amount directly to ICE.

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