• An Introduction to the Bail Bond Process

    Bail bonds provide individuals who are facing legal charges with a way to pay their bail amount if they do not have the necessary funds on hand. If you’re interested in obtaining a bail bond in Upper Marlboro , then watch this video for an introduction to how bail bonds work.

    When someone is arrested and booked for a serious crime, they must wait for a bail hearing. During the hearing, the judge will consider the charges and circumstances before setting a bond amount. If the defendant can’t pay the bail amount, they can either wait in jail until their court date or hire the services of a bail bond agent. The bail bond agent will charge a percentage of the bail amount as a nonrefundable fee, and then post bail for the defendant when the bail bond paperwork is complete.

  • Mistakes to Avoid After Being Arrested

    No one wants to think about being arrested. However, lawyers and bail bondsmen in Upper Marlboro will tell you that knowing what to do in this situation is necessary for protecting your future and well-being. Read on to learn some of the mistakes that you should avoid after being arrested. arrests - bail

    Speaking to Law Enforcement

    Being arrested can be stressful and emotional, and you may want to protest and argue with the arresting officers. However, you have no obligation to speak with law enforcement or answer their questions. In fact, it’s best not to talk to any law enforcement personnel without legal counsel. Speaking only in the presence of a lawyer can help ensure that you avoid saying something incriminating, so do not make admissions, provide explanations, or agree to speak without legal counsel. You have the right to remain silent, and exercising this right is often a good idea.

    Not Knowing Your Rights

    Under the Constitution, all U.S. citizens are guaranteed certain rights when charged with a criminal offense. Some important examples of these are the right to legal counsel, the right to remain silent, the right to due process, the right to know the charges against you, and the right to have legal counsel present during interrogation. Being aware of your rights is a critical aspect of avoiding mistakes after an arrest. However, knowing when to assert these rights isn’t always easy, so taking advantage of your right to legal counsel can be a smart decision.

    Not Appearing in Court

    Bail bonds are an option for posting bail if you’re unable to do so yourself. The bail bondsman that you work with will post bail for you after being paid a percentage of the bail amount, and the paperwork is signed. Once bail is posted, and after you are released, it’s important to appear in court for your trial. If a friend or relative obtained the bail bond for you, then your failure to appear in court will leave them financially responsible. Lastly, failing to appear in court may lead to another arrest, this time without an option for bail.

  • How Can I Get an Immigration Bond?

    Immigration bonds are federal bonds used for detainees being held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Much like bail bonds, immigration bonds exist to guarantee a defendant’s appearance at court proceedings. If you’re planning on posting bail in Upper Marlboro for an immigration detainee, then it’s important to know that the only options for release are cash bonds posted through ICE and surety bonds posted through a licensed bail bondsman.

    First, the immigration detainee must be eligible for an immigration bond, and it’s ideal to consult a lawyer in this regard. Then, if the person meets all eligibility criteria, the immigration judge and ICE must decide to offer an immigration bond. If there is no bond or if the amount is too high, then consider having your attorney request a reasonable bond amount from ICE. If this request is not granted, then you can ask to have a bond hearing with an immigration judge. To pay for your immigration bond, you can hire the services of a bail bondsman or pay the full amount directly to ICE.

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  • The Importance of Posting Bail After Being Arrested

    When you get arrested in Upper Marlboro, posting bail is likely to be one of the first things on your mind. In addition to simply getting you out of jail, posting bail matters for a number of other reasons. Watch this video to find out more about how long it can take for cases to be settled and why posting bail is so important.

    Bail allows you to go back to work and get back to your family while your charges are winding their way through the legal system. It also allows you to be an active participant in your own defense, which could be crucial for your case. For most people, bail is a worthwhile investment after arrest.