FAQs About the Bail Process

Bail is not something most people devote a lot of time to until they are arrested or until someone they love is in jail. From understanding exactly what happens when bail is set to figuring out how to find affordable bail bonds in Upper Marlboro , it’s natural to have questions when someone in your life needs bail. Here are the answers to some of the questions family members and loved ones have when they are asked to post bail to get someone out of jail. bail - judge

What exactly is bail?

Bail is a financial security that demonstrates that a person accused of a crime will show up for all of his or her court dates if he or she is allowed to leave jail. If the person doesn’t show up for a court date, the court gets to keep the money that was posted as bail.

How are bail amounts determined?

Courts consider many different factors when deciding the right amount of bail. In some jurisdictions, there is a preset amount of bail used for certain charges that the judge or magistrate is required to use. In other instances, the judge or magistrate who is making a ruling on bail will consider the nature of the offense, whether the charged person has a criminal record, and the likelihood of the defendant to honor the conditions of his or her bail. Although it is not necessary to have a lawyer for a bail hearing, lawyers can sometimes help people get lower bail amounts than they would have on their own.

What is a bail bond?

Once someone’s bail is set, you can contact a bail agent to arrange a bail bond. With a bail bond, an agent will make an arrangement with the court to guarantee the bail of the defendant, so that the family doesn’t have to come up with the whole amount. Someone must sign the bail agreement on behalf of the defendant and may need to provide collateral. If the defendant shows up to court, any collateral collected is released, and the bail bond agent only keeps the fee for the bond. If the defendant does not show up, the person who made the bail agreement could lose their collateral and could be responsible for the entire bail amount.