Finding Bail for a Loved One in Virginia

Finding out that a loved one has been arrested can be very distressing. Fortunately, if you need a bail bond agent in Virginia , Dominion Bail Bonds is here to help. We offer bail bonds in Maryland and Virginia and can walk you through the process of how bail bonds work so you can get your loved one home.

To bail a loved one out of jail, you will first need to know their bail amount, which will be set at a hearing soon after his or her arrest. Contact us with all of the information about your loved one’s bail, including his or her name, locations, case number, and bail amount, and a bail bond agent can explain to you how to sign a contract for bail and the cost of the bail bond. Once you sign your contact and make payment arrangements, we can post the bond with the court so that your loved one is free to be at home, continue working and caring for his or her family, and work with an attorney to plan a defense to the charges he or she is facing.

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