What Are the Risks of Posting Cash Bail?

When bail is set for a defendant, anyone can post it and get him or her out of jail. If you choose not to use a bail bond agent in Upper Marlboro , then you would have to post either a property bond or cash bail. Cash bail may seem like an easy solution for low bail amounts, but it is an inherently risky way to get someone out of jail.

Cash bail is risky for many people because of the sheer amount of the bail. Giving a substantial amount of money to the courts could leave you short of cash you could need for your loved one’s defense or for family emergencies. Although cash bail is typically returned to the person who posted it when a trial concludes, that is not always the case. A number of state laws give the courts an avenue to retain the bail if the defendant is found guilty. If the defendant doesn’t show up to court, the entire cash bail amount will be forfeited without any recourse. For this reason, working with a bail bond agent can offer you much-needed financial protections.

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