Options for Paying Large Bails

Are you worried about posting bail in Upper Marlboro for a large bail amount? If so, then you’ll be glad to learn that there are several options available when it comes to bail bonds. The first is a cash bail, which requires that the bond’s entire amount be paid in cash. The money is typically returned at the case’s conclusion, although some state laws allow the court to retain a portion of it if the defendant is found guilty. In the case of large bails, many people look for options other than cash bonds.

The second option is called a surety bail. This is the most-used option for posting bail and involves obtaining a bail bond. In Maryland, bail bondsmen partner with insurance companies that will pay the full bond amount in case a defendant fails to appear. Another option is called a property bond, and this option is usually used in cases where bail is set at more than $100,000. Lastly, some bail bondsmen offer financing plans that can help you afford fees for a large bail.

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