A Loved One Has Been Arrested: What Happens Now?

Getting the call that your loved one has been arrested can be scary. You’re worried about his or her well-being, and you’re not sure what happens next or how to get your loved one home. Contacting a bail bondsman in Upper Marlboro is a good first step to take, so you can be ready to post bail when it is time. Here is a look at what to expect if your loved one is arrested. arrested - bail


Booking is the first thing that happens after an arrest. During booking, the police will obtain information about your loved one, including his or her name, address, fingerprints, and photo. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, your loved one may be questioned at the time of booking. He or she should not discuss the case with police until hiring an attorney. Your loved one will usually be able to make a call during booking, so this is typically the point in the process at which you will become aware of the arrest.

Bail Hearing

If the crime is not serious, your loved one may be assigned a bail amount without a hearing according to a schedule that sets bail amounts for specific charges. In other cases, he or she will have a bail hearing, during which it will be determined if your loved one is eligible for bail, and if so, how much they should pay. To set bail, the judge will consider the nature of the crime, your loved one’s criminal history, and whether your loved one is considered a flight risk. Although it is not necessary to have an attorney at a bail hearing, it can be advantageous, as the attorney can present an argument to minimize the amount of bail.

Bail Posting

Once you know what the bail amount is, you can post it with the help of your bail bond agent. Your bail bondsman will charge you a percentage of the total bail amount as a fee. Next, he or she will contact the court to post bail and have your loved one released. Keep in mind that you are responsible for the bail bond, and if your loved one does not show up for court dates, you could be financially responsible for the whole bail amount.