Tips for Working with Your Defense Attorney on Your Case

One of the biggest benefits of posting bail is that it allows you to work closely with your defense attorney on preparing your case. How you work with your attorney will have a big impact on your case, so it’s important to ensure that you do everything you can to support your lawyer in his or her case preparation. Once you have made it through the process of posting bail in Upper Marlboro, you can turn your attention to building your case with your attorney with this advice. defense - attorney

Be Honest

One mistake defendants make over and over again is not being forthright with their defense attorneys. It is essential that you answer every question your defense attorney answers as honestly as possible. Do not leave out facts that you think are not relevant or that you are worried will color your attorney’s impression of you. Anything that you fail to mention can come out in court, catch your attorney off-guard, and compromise your case. Your attorney will not judge you for any of your answers. He or she only wants to know the truth so that your case is as strong as possible.

Provide Information in a Timely Manner

When your attorney asks for information, provide it as soon as possible. Any delays in giving your attorney paperwork, contact information for witnesses, or evidence can compromise his or her ability to thoroughly prepare for your case. If you are unable to provide the information for any reason, inform your attorney so that he or she can plan accordingly. Always reply to any communication from your attorney, whether it is an email or phone call, as soon as possible.

Always Show Up in Court

Having a defense attorney does not mean that you do not have to be present in court. Unless your attorney has specifically advised you that you don’t have to come to a hearing, you should be at court at the time your lawyer tells you. Failing to do so could cause your bail to be revoked and may cause the judge to make a decision about your case without you present.