Protecting Your Rights After an Arrest

During an arrest, knowing the proper steps to take can help you remain calm while ensuring all your rights are observed for legal protection if you are charged with a crime. If you are arrested, your first action should be to ask for a lawyer before you volunteer information or answer any questions regarding your actions or the situation that led to your arrest. After initial questioning, you will then be held by law enforcement officials until you can be seen by a judge or magistrate, who will decide the amount you must pay in bail. Once your bail has been determined, you should contact a bail bondsman serving Virginia to act as a surety so you can be released from jail and pursue a legal defense with the help of your lawyer.

Bail bonds allow you to return home following an arrest, rather than waiting for your court date in jail. This is why contacting a bail bond company should be one of the first steps you take following an arrest—your bail bond service can arrange for payment of your bail in just a few hours.