Recognizing Your Responsibilities When You Bail Someone Out

Posting bail is a significant commitment and should not be taken lightly. When you post bail for a family member or friend, you assume certain responsibilities that could have serious financial repercussions for you. When you arrange a bail bond in Upper Marlboro , your bail bond agent will review the contract with you to be sure you understand both the responsibilities of the person you are bailing out and your own. Be sure to ask questions about the process if you have them. Here is a closer look at what your responsibilities are after arranging for bail for a loved one. bailed - out

Making Sure the Defendant Goes to Court

When you sign a bail agreement, you agree that the defendant will appear at every court date that he or she is scheduled to attend. The bail bond agent will not actively get involved in ensuring that a defendant goes to a court date. Although the defense attorney may attempt to get the accused to understand the importance of attending court, he or she only has a limited amount of power to make sure the defendant shows up. When you sign a bail agreement, you take on the responsibility to making sure the person you’ve bailed out is diligent about attending court.

Covering Fugitive Recovery Costs

If the person for whom you’ve arranged a bail bond skips bail, then you may be responsible for additional fees, including any fugitive recovery fees incurred by the bail bond company to find the defendant. The bail bond agent will request your help in locating the fugitive, and sharing any information you have could help save you a significant amount of money.

Paying for the Full Bail Amount

In addition to paying the bond fee for the agent’s services, you will have to pay the full bail amount charged by the court if the defendant cannot be located. That means you may lose the collateral you used to secure the bond, as it could be collected to offset the cost of the bail if you are unable to pay.