Bail and Repeat Offenders: What You Need to Know

With a few exceptions based on the type of charges, most first-time defendants are granted bail . For repeat offenders, the situation is different. The courts will consider past criminal history when making a decision about bail, and repeat offenders may face higher costs. Fortunately, a bail bond agent in Upper Marlboro can make posting bail possible, even if the amount is significant. If you or someone you are bailing out is a repeat offender, here are the facts you need to know. posting - bail

How does being a repeat offender impact bail decision?

Having a criminal history can weigh on bail decisions in a few ways. Depending on the nature of the past charges, the judge is likely to set bail higher than he or she would for a first-time offender facing the same charges. He or she may also decide to deny bail completely, if the defendant has a long criminal history. Violent crimes and other felonies are more likely to affect bail decisions than a non-violent misdemeanor charge that is many years in the past.

What can repeat offenders do to get the most favorable bail decision?

The best thing repeat offenders can do is to retain an attorney before the bail hearing, so that they have someone to advocate on their behalf. It can also be helpful to have a plan for where they will be living while out on bail and to demonstrate that not being out on bail will present a hardship, such as a leading to job loss for a person who is the chief breadwinner for a family or causing child care issues for single parents.

Will a bail bond agent work with a repeat offender?

Most agents will provide bail bonds for repeat offenders, provided that there is no history of skipping bail or money due to other bail agencies. If a defendant owes money to another bail bond agent, the company may insist those payments are current before issuing a bond.