Are You Entitled to the Return of Bail Paid in Cash?

Cash bail involves paying the entire bail amount in cash directly to the court. This is different from a property bond, in which a piece of property is put up as collateral in lieu of cash, or a surety bond in Upper Marlboro , in which a bail bond agent posts on a bond on behalf of the defendant. If you are considering paying cash for bail, one question you are sure to have is whether your money will be refunded if the defendant shows up for all of his or her court cases. The answer is complicated.

Generally, you are entitled to have the cash you have posted as bail returned to you after the case against the person you bailed out has concluded. However, if the defendant is found guilty, there are a number of incidents in which the court can retain the cash bail. The reason that surety bonds are the most popular way of paying bail is they offer more protection than cash, so that the court is not holding a large sum of your money that they could keep.

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