What Happens if You Are Arrested When Out on Bail?

By posting bail , you are agreeing to certain conditions. You are agreeing to return to court for all scheduled appearances, and you may have to abide by other conditions of bail, such as maintaining employment and obeying all laws. This means that if you are arrested for another offense after posting bail in Upper Marlboro, your bail will usually be revoked. If you used a bail bond agent to get out of jail, then you’re likely facing other consequences as well.

When bail is revoked, the money paid to obtain a bail bond is forfeit. If you or your family signed over collateral, the asset could be forfeit because you violated the conditions of your bail. In addition, you could be facing serious legal consequences. In some cases, you may be charged with another offense for violating your original bail. If your criminal defense lawyer was engaged in plea bargain negotiations with the prosecutor, any plea deal will likely be withdrawn.

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