Understanding Bail Conditions

If you’re wondering how bail works, then you may have a loved one who has recently been arrested and has asked you to contact a bail bondsman in the Upper Marlboro area. Or, you may have been arrested yourself and your attorney has informed you that he or she will try to argue in favor of your release on bail bonds . It’s important for defendants to realize that being released from jail pending a trial is a privilege. As with most privileges, bail bonds may be revoked and the defendant may be sent back to jail if he or she violates any of the conditions of bail. bail - bonds

Appear in Court

Every defendant who is released from jail on bail is required to return to court on all scheduled dates for hearings and other legal proceedings. It is absolutely imperative that defendants make their court appearances a priority over other obligations. Failure to appear in court is a common reason why bail is revoked and arrest warrants are issued. To ensure that you or your loved one is punctual for court, it’s best to leave for the courthouse well ahead of time in case of traffic or other issues. If it appears that you will be late, you should contact the defense attorney immediately.

Be a Productive Citizen

In some cases, the judge may decide to set other conditions of bail. Some defendants may be required to maintain their employment status. If a defendant is unemployed, he or she may be instructed to actively seek work. Some defendants may be required to maintain their formal education programs or to begin one.

Avoid Lifestyle Issues

Other common conditions of bail involve lifestyle issues such as the use of alcohol; defendants may be barred from consuming it. Defendants might be required to avoid the use of illicit drugs.

Avoid Wandering Off

It is expected that defendants released on bail will not suddenly decide to take a vacation. They may be required to surrender their passports or have an electronic monitoring device placed. A curfew may be imposed.

Maintain Good Behavior

It should be a given that defendants who have been released on bail should avoid committing any crimes. Other common conditions of bail include checking in regularly with the police department and avoiding all contact, direct and indirect, with the alleged victim and witnesses.