Why a Surety Bond Beats Cash for Bail Payments

Following an arrest, the bail amount is set by a judge. If this amount is paid in cash to the jail, the bail must be paid in full to allow for an individual’s release. However, the bail amount is often so high that a single cash payment is unfeasible; furthermore, paying cash for bail requires you to hand over this cash in public. Fortunately, cash payment is not the only possibility if you plan to bail someone out of jail—there are several bail bond options available in Upper Marlboro to help you handle this situation. A surety bond, also called a bail bond, can be used instead of a cash payment to arrange for an individual’s release. When you purchase a surety bond, you will pay a fee that is only a percentage, such as 10%, of the bail. The surety bond is a guarantee that your bail bond service will pay the bail in full if the individual does not appear in court. Surety bonds reduce the amount you must pay to post bail, as well as allow you to complete this process quickly, professionally, and discreetly.

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