The Booking and Bond Hearing

After an arrest, a suspect is taken to the local precinct for processing. Processing, which is also known as booking, involves taking the suspect’s fingerprints and photographs, recording essential information, and taking an inventory of the suspect’s personal belongings. After processing, the defendant can expect to wait in a jail cell for a while before being taken to court for the arraignment. During the arraignment hearing, or initial hearing, the judge reads the charges against the defendant, the defendant enters a “not guilty” or “guilty” plea, and the judge determines whether to release the defendant on bail bonds . If a defendant is released on bail bonds in Upper Marlboro, he or she is given temporary freedom while awaiting the outcome of the case.

It’s recommended that defendants be represented at the bail bonds hearing by a criminal defense attorney. An attorney can argue in favor of the defendant’s release and may even be able to get the amount of the bail reduced. If the judge decides to set bond, then the defendant may turn to a bail bondsman for help securing his or her release from jail.

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