Comparing Cash Bail and Surety Bonds

There are three bail bond options for defendants in Upper Marlboro. They include posting a cash bond or a surety bond. A cash bond is perhaps the least widely used because it requires that someone post the entire amount of the bail on behalf of the defendant. This is usually a family member, but anyone is allowed to pay bail to have a defendant released. At the conclusion of the case, provided the defendant has abided by all bail conditions, the cash is usually returned to the individual who made the bail payment. A cash bond isn’t used very often because bail may be set at thousands of dollars.

The second option is a surety bond, which is the most common way that defendants are released on bail. Obtaining a surety bond involves going to a bail bondsman and making arrangements for the defendant’s release. The bail bondsman, perhaps in partnership with an insurance company, assumes responsibility for the bail payment in exchange for a non-refundable percentage of the bail.

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