Your Options for Posting Bail

The first thing most people can think of after getting arrested is getting out of jail as soon as possible. Bail lets accused people return home in exchange for a financial surety that they will return to court for all of their trial dates. There are two ways to pay bail, but most people choose to use a bail bond company in Virginia or Maryland to cover the costs.

When bail is set, you always have the option of paying for it out of pocket. However, few people have the financial ability to do so, especially when there may be attorney fees to consider for the case defense. When paying out of pocket is not possible, a bail bond agent can step in. These agents pay bail bonds on the behalf of accused people. They typically require some kind of collateral from a person who represents the accused, like a friend or family member, and they charge a percentage of the bail amount for their services. If the accused person returns for all their court dates, the court will return the bond to the bondsman, and the person who secured the bond will only pay the fee.