Getting Someone Out of Immigration Detention

Being arrested on any charge is stressful, but being detained by immigration officials can be especially overwhelming. There are several reasons people may be placed in immigration detention, from attempting to cross the border without the appropriate clearance or committing a crime that is a deportable offense. The nature of the detainment is one of many factors that determine the amount bail is set at for someone in an immigration facility. Once this amount is set, bail agents in Virginia and Maryland can help you or your loved one gain freedom. Here is a look at the process.


Bond Amount Is Set

Most people who are in immigration detention are eligible for bail bonds, unless they have committed serious crimes that make them flight risks. In some cases, agents from ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) set the amount of the bond. ICE is not permitted to set bail bonds for all detainees, however, so those who do not receive a bond amount from ICE must see an immigration judge. The judge can set a bond amount or determine that an individual should remain in custody. Currently, the minimum bond amount for immigration detainees is $1,500, but bonds can be set much higher.

Bail Bond Company Is Contacted

If you are unable to pay the bond amount in cash, a bail bond company can help post the bond in the same way they would in a criminal case. Only certain companies are licensed to pay immigration bonds, so be sure your bail bond agent can work with this kind of case. The bail bond company will draw up an agreement for the bond that includes a fee based on a percentage of the total bond. If the detainee doesn’t show up for a court day, the person who signs for the bond is responsible for paying the company the total bond amount plus the fee.

Detention Agents Are Paid

Rather than the courts, immigration detention bail bonds must be paid to the local ICE office. The name of the detainee, as well as his or her birth date and alien registration number, is required to post the bond.