What Questions Should You Ask Your Bail Agent?

If you cannot post the full amount of your bail, you have the option to seek the services of a bail bond agent in Virginia. Rather than paying the entire bail, you will purchase a bail bond from the bondsman for a non-refundable fee that constitutes a certain percentage of the total bail. Seeking a reputable bail bondsman means working with a bonding company you can trust to make the bail process smooth and stress-free. questions-about-bail-bonds

Can You Explain the Process to Me?

Many individuals are unsure as to how bail bonds and bail bond companies work. Before choosing a bondsman, first ask him to explain the process to you. Pay attention not only to his communication skills and the depth with which he answers your questions, but also to the way he treats you and any friends or family members. A reputable and trustworthy bail bond agent will treat you and everyone involved with your case with respect and answer all of your questions fully and openly.

Will You Need Collateral?

In some cases, all that’s needed to secure bail bonds is the initial non-refundable fee paid to your bondsman. However, in other cases, the bonding company will require additional collateral to ensure the individual for whom bail was posted will appear at all court dates. It’s important to understand whether collateral is needed and what type of collateral will be requested as part of the bail bond process, making this an important question to ask your bail bonds service before you make any agreement.

What Happens if Bail Is Skipped?

Because bail companies become responsible for their clients, they are also responsible for ensuring those clients appear in court. When an individual skips bail, a bail enforcement agent is typically hired by the bail bonds service to locate and detain the individual. It’s important to understand the terms of your bail contract and what will happen if bail is skipped, as this may include the loss of any additional collateral that was signed over to the bondsman as well.