Different Ways of Posting Bail

posting bail, maryland bail After an arrest, you may be able to post bail in order to not be held in custody until your court date. Bail agents in Maryland are able to help defendants avoid jail time before a court date. Anyone can post bail for a defendant, and there are a few different options in which bail can be posted.

Paying cash for your bail is generally the simplest way to post bail. The defendant pays the entire amount in cash. Once the defendant shows up in court on the court date, the money will be paid back, minus any court fees. A bail bond, also known as a surety bond, is one of the more common ways to bail. With a surety bond, the defendant pays a small percentage of the entire bail amount to a surety, or bondsman. The bondsman then pays the entire amount to the courts while collecting the percentage of the fee as payment. In cases where the bail is posted at a large financial amount, there is an option to use property. The courts can seize property, such as a house, in the event that the defendant does not appear in court.