A Look at the Arrest Process

getting arrested maryland, arrest process If you get arrested, it is important to know what happens throughout the process. Many people do not know what rights they have when they are under arrest. It is important to know about bail bonds serving Maryland , in case you should find yourself in a situation where they are needed. Continue reading for more information about the entire process of an arrest.

The Arrest

There are two scenarios that could lead to an arrest. One is if there is a warrant out for your arrest and you turn yourself in to a police station. The other is if you are caught engaging in an illegal activity and brought into police custody. When a person is arrested, they are read their Miranda rights. Miranda rights are a set of rights that are designed to protect you under the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This includes your right to be silent and your right to an attorney.


Once you are arrested, you will be booked. Booking is a straightforward process that takes place at a police station. Your fingerprints and photograph will be taken. You will identify yourself and will have any personal belongings inventoried and held until you are released.


If you are booked and taken into police custody, a prosecutor will decide which charges you are being held under. You will then go before a judge for a court appearance known as an arraignment. At this time you will either plead guilty or not guilty to the charges against you.

Bail Bonds

While it may vary depending on the specific circumstances, generally you may have to post bail to avoid staying in jail until your trial. Bail is a fee that is paid to ensure that you show up to court on the day of your trial. If you fail to show up to court, you will not get your money back. If you appear in court as directed, you are entitled to your money back. A bail bond is posted by a bail bondsmen for a fee that is a portion of the total cost of your bail.