What to Expect If You’re Arrested

arrested, bail bonds Although individual situations may vary from case to case, the process of being arrested tends to follow the same general path. You will go through processing and arraignment, and you may need to seek bail bonds if you cannot afford to post bail yourself. This can be an overwhelming experience, especially if it is your first time being arrested. Fortunately your Maryland bail bond company can help you out.


An arrest typically begins with the police handcuffing an individual and taking him or her to the appropriate precinct. Upon arrival, the individual will disclose certain information to the police; this may include his or her name, date of birth, address, and other such information. The individual will then be fingerprinted and processed for arraignment. A person under arrest will also be relieved of all personal belongings. Legal belongings will be held onto and returned when the person leaves, while contraband will be seized as evidence and not returned. At this point the police will also check to see if there have been any warrants issued for the suspect’s arrest.


After the police have gathered all of the necessary information and completed the proper paperwork, the suspect will be transported to a holding cell before the arraignment. The suspect’s lawyer can submit a Notice of Appearance, or the court can assign a lawyer to represent the suspect if he or she cannot afford one. After a meeting or interview between the suspect and lawyer, the person in custody will be formally informed of all charges. At this point, the court can set bail.

Bail Bonds

If you find yourself at your arraignment and you are unable to make bail, you may decide to call a bail bondsman. You can make an arrangement with your bail bondsman in order to leave custody without paying the full bail amount. You will pay the bondsman a premium, and the bondsman will offer the court a bond.