Your Guide to Working with a Bail Bondsman

bail bondsman If one of your close friends or family members has found themselves in police custody, you may want to look into bail bonds to secure their release. A bail bond company serving Maryland can allow you to leave custody so that you can spend your time at home and in comfort until you are summoned back to court. It helps to understand how a bail bondsman’s job works and what you can do to help the process along before you make the call.

What a Bail Bondsman Does

It is a bail bondsman’s job to offer the court a bond and have you released from custody. These bond agents typically charge a percentage of the total bail amount, which is called a premium. When an individual pays the bondsman the premium the bondsman will offer the court a bond, which serves as a promise that the person will return for any future court dates. Although the bail bondsman will not return the premium, the bond itself may be dissolved at the end of the case as long as you return for each court date. In the event that you do not return for your court dates, the bondsman or the cosigner will be responsible for the total bail amount.

Information to Give a Bail Bondsman

It helps to be as organized as possible when working with your bail bondsman. Offer your bondsman as much of your personal information as could be helpful, and be sure to mention character references who can vouch for you. You may also have to offer your bondsman collateral in addition to your premium to secure the bond for yourself or a loved one.

When Bail Bonds are Needed

People typically need bail bonds when they cannot afford to pay the bail set by the court. Waiting for your court date in custody can be a stressful experience, so it is often worth the premium to negotiate a deal with a bail bond company. The detained individual or his or her family or friends may hire a bondsman.