• Is There a Difference Between Bail and Pre-Trial Release?

    Pre-trial release and posting bail are two ways that defendants are released from custody before their criminal trials, but the procedures are different. Posting bail in Upper Marlboro involves a financial commitment from the defendant’s representative, while pre-trial release does not. Pre-trial release involves releasing a defendant without the need for a bond or any […]

  • Can an Indemnitor Revoke a Bail Bond?

    The decision to arrange for a bail bond for a loved one who has been arrested is not something to take lightly. If the person for whom you are posting bail does not show up for a court date, you could be responsible for the entire amount of the bail or could lose any property […]

  • What Protestors Need to Know About Getting Arrested

    The First Amendment gives you the right to assemble and take photos and videos in public spaces, such as during a protest. If you are arrested during a protest, be polite, don’t resist, and when you can, get information about posting bail in Upper Marlboro. This video explains your rights for protest, photography, and video […]

  • Property Bonds 101

    Property bonds are one way of posting bail that involves using your property as collateral. There are risks involved in using property bonds rather than working with a bail bond agent in Upper Marlboro , including losing your property. Before you consider posting bail with a property bond, it’s important to fully understand the agreement […]

  • Immigrants: Know Your Rights If You Hear Immigration Knocking on Your Door

    If immigration agents come to your door, knowing your rights can protect you from unlawful imprisonment and removal. If immigration agents take you into custody, an immigration bond in Upper Marlboro can help you get back to your family. Watch this video to learn what to do if immigration agents come to your home. You […]

  • When Is Bail Considered Excessive?

    Many people have heard the term “excessive bail,” but what does it really mean? Bail is designed to encourage defendants to show up to their court dates without having to keep them incarcerated until their trial. After posting bail in Upper Marlboro , if you don’t show up for court, you could be responsible for […]

  • Don’t Make These Mistakes While out on Bail

    After posting bail in Upper Marlboro , the last thing you want to do is violate the terms of your bail and return to prison. Violating your bail could not only lead to you being re-incarcerated until your trial date, but it could also have serious financial consequences for the person who was responsible for […]

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Police Interactions at Demonstrations

    The right to peaceful demonstration is a cornerstone of American culture, but that doesn’t mean that protesters are free from the threat of police interactions and arrests. If you do encounter the police during a protest, there are steps you can take to deescalate the interaction and avoid arrest. If you are arrested in Upper […]

  • Bail Bond Cost: What to Expect

    When you work with a bail bond agent in Upper Marlboro to get a loved one out of jail, cost may be one of your primary concerns. It’s important to understand the costs of posting bail to avoid any surprises in the future. Although there is not a set cost for posting bail, you can […]


    After the court has set a bail amount, there are several options for paying the bail and getting the defendant out of jail. After weighing up bail bond options in Upper Marlboro, most people opt for a surety bond, which is typically the most affordable method. If you are wondering how to bail someone out […]