Maryland Bail Bond Process

If a loved one is sitting in jail, a bail bond agent in Maryland can get your friend or family member out as quickly as possible. The team of licensed bail bondsmen at Dominion Bail Bonds are trained to lend a hand in nearly any type of situation, and we provide 24-hour service so your loved one doesn’t need to spend a minute longer in jail than necessary. To help you get started, here is some general information about bail bonds and the process of posting bail.

Booking and Bond Hearing

When someone is arrested, he or she is first taken to a police station to be booked, or processed. During processing, a police officer records information about the suspect and the alleged crime. For less serious crimes, a suspect may be allowed to post bail immediately after being processed. Otherwise, the suspect will have a bail hearing where a judge will determine whether or not the accused is eligible to post bail and how much the bail is set at. The bail amount is up to the discretion of the judge and includes many different factors, including the severity of the crime, the suspect’s criminal history, and the suspect’s perceived flight risk.

Posting Bail

After bail is set, an individual can be released from jail as soon as the bail is posted. Posting bail in Maryland is quick and easy when you work with Dominion Bail Bonds. Essentially, posting bail for your loved one works as follows:

  1. Call Dominion Bail Bonds at (301) 574-1111 (Maryland) or (703) 832-8076 (Virginia)
  2. Provide specific information about your loved one to a bail bond agent, including the person’s full name and date of birth, county or city in which the person is being held, the charge, and the bail amount.
  3. You provide Dominion Bail Bonds with a small percentage of the total bail amount (low down payment financing options are available for larger bail amounts)
  4. The bail bondsmen contacts the jail facility and arranges to have your loved one released

Why Dominion Bail Bonds?

There are lots of bail bond companies in Maryland, but only Dominion Bail Bonds is known throughout the state for our integrity and professionalism in all bail bond matters. We strive to make your loved one’s release from custody as quick and easy as possible. Some other reasons to choose Dominion Bail Bonds include:

  • 20+ years of combined experience in Maryland
  • Free bail bond consultations and advice
  • One of the fastest response times in the field (one hour or less)
  • Bail bonds offered 24-hours a day
  • Multiple payment methods accepted, including cash, check, credit cards, money orders, and PayPal
  • Low down payment financing options available for larger bail amounts

Why Choose Us?

  • Free Consultations Available
  • Free Payment Plans
  • No Interest Payments
  • Serving All Jails & Courts in Maryland & Virginia
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Available
  • Free Bond Advice
  • Family Owned and Operated