Blog Posts in January, 2016

Why Skipping Bail Is a Bad Idea

After an arrest, individuals are sometimes released from the custody of a jail prior to a trial. This release requires the payment of a bond, which may be paid either by the individual, an ...
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Steps to Take if You Can't Pay Bail

After an arrest, you’ll appear before the judge at an arraignment hearing. During that hearing, your criminal defense lawyer can argue for you to be released on bail. The judge may set bail ...
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Posting an Immigration Bond

Detainees of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may arrange immigration bail bonds with the help of a bail bond company in Montgomery County, MD. Immigration bail bonds are a ...
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What Happens When You Are Released on Your Own Recognizance?

To be released from jail, a defendant will typically need to post bail bonds in Maryland or Virginia. In other words, the defendant or a family member can visit a bail bondsman to obtain 24-hour bail ...
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