Blog Posts in February, 2016

What Are Your Options for Posting Bail?

If you are arrested, the police office and the court can decide to release you on a citation, release you on your own recognizances, or hold you in jail pending the payment of a bail bond in Virginia. ...
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Immigration Bonds Explained

Immigration bonds are not quite the same as bail bonds in Maryland. However, as this video explains, a bail bondsman can still help secure your release. Unlike bail bonds, immigration bonds are ...
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What Questions Should You Ask Your Bail Agent?

If you cannot post the full amount of your bail, you have the option to seek the services of a bail bond agent in Virginia. Rather than paying the entire bail, you will purchase a bail bond from the ...
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Comparing Cash and Surety Bonds

Bail acts as a monetary reassurance that a defendant will appear for his court dates without requiring him to spend the intervening time in jail. There are several ways in which bail can be fulfilled, ...
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