Blog Posts in December, 2015

A Look at Bail Agent's Arrest Authority in Maryland

Bail bonds can be a risky business. Before bailing someone out of jail, bail agents in Maryland require collateral to ensure they will get paid if the defendant does not show up at required court ...
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Understanding Your Type of Bail

Bail bonds are essentially a kind of insurance policy that courts use to ensure that defendant will show up for his next court hearing. When you are released on a bail bond in Maryland, the court will ...
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What Are the Risks of a Property Bond?

If a judge sets bail for a defendant, the defendant can choose to pay bail in cash, via a bail bond obtained from a bail bond agent in Maryland, or via a property bond. If a defendant, his friend, or ...
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Steps to Take to Post Bail

If you or a loved one has been arrested, a judge may set a bail amount that must be paid prior to being released from jail. Bail can be paid in cash, or via a property bond or surety bond in Virginia. ...
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