Blog Posts in August, 2015

Answering Your Questions About Bail Bonds

Being accused of a crime can be a highly stressful and often confusing experience. One of the first actions that the court will take once you have entered jail is to set your bail. Since it is often ...
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How to Get a Bail Bond

If you have been charged with a crime and cannot afford bail, you may require the assistance of a bail bond company serving Maryland in order to be temporarily freed from custody. While this may be a ...
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How Is Bail Determined?

Many people recognize bail as the set amount of money that a defendant must pay in order to leave custody while waiting for further court proceedings. The amount at which your bail is set may be ...
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What to Expect If You're Arrested

Although individual situations may vary from case to case, the process of being arrested tends to follow the same general path. You will go through processing and arraignment, and you may need to seek ...
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