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A Look at Bail Agent's Arrest Authority in Maryland

Bail bonds can be a risky business. Before bailing someone out of jail, bail agents in Maryland require collateral to ensure they will get paid if the defendant does not show up at required court ...
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Understanding Your Type of Bail

Bail bonds are essentially a kind of insurance policy that courts use to ensure that defendant will show up for his next court hearing. When you are released on a bail bond in Maryland, the court will ...
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What Are the Risks of a Property Bond?

If a judge sets bail for a defendant, the defendant can choose to pay bail in cash, via a bail bond obtained from a bail bond agent in Maryland, or via a property bond. If a defendant, his friend, or ...
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Steps to Take to Post Bail

If you or a loved one has been arrested, a judge may set a bail amount that must be paid prior to being released from jail. Bail can be paid in cash, or via a property bond or surety bond in Virginia. ...
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Bail 101: What You Need to Know

When a defendant is arrested for a crime, the judge presiding over the case has the option to release the defendant on citation, on his own recognizances, or on bail. The most common type of bail bond ...
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Different Ways of Posting Bail

After an arrest, you may be able to post bail in order to not be held in custody until your court date. Bail agents in Maryland are able to help defendants avoid jail time before a court date. Anyone ...
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The Stages of Posting Bail

After you have been arrested, you will likely be able to post bail. Bail agents in Maryland are available to assist in this process by posting bail for you for a small fee. Many people are unsure ...
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A Look at the Arrest Process

If you get arrested, it is important to know what happens throughout the process. Many people do not know what rights they have when they are under arrest. It is important to know about bail bonds ...
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Understanding the Basics of Bail Bonds

It is important to understand the basics of bail bonds should you ever need to enlist the services of a bail bond agent near Maryland. Bail refers to the fee that is paid to act as insurance to ...
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Tips for Choosing a Bail Bondsman

Choosing a reputable bail bondsman is a very important decision for a defendant, or a family member who is securing a bail bond on behalf of a defendant. A bail bondsman, or bail bond agent, is the ...
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How the Bail Amount is Set

Bail is the amount of money that a defendant must pay to be released from jail. A bail bond or surety bond assures the court that the defendant will appear at his next hearing. A judge sets the amount ...
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Preparing for a Bail Hearing

Bail hearings are much less anxiety-provoking when you know in advance what to expect. If you may be responsible for putting up bail for someone who is accused of a crime, you may want to attend the ...
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Factors Influencing Bail

A judge will increase the amount of a defendant’s bail bond if he is accused of a serious crime, or is accused of more than one felony count. He may also increase the amount of bail if the ...
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What Happens At a Bail Hearing?

If you have been accused of a crime, one of the first steps that the court will take will be to schedule a bail hearing. During the bail hearing, the terms of your bail will be set. In order to ...
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Your Bail Options

In the event that you are accused of a crime, it is important to be familiar with your bail options. Once your bail has been set, you will want to find the collateral or cash needed to post bail and ...
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How to Post Bail

If a member of your family has been taken into police custody, you may receive a call stating that the arrest has been take place. To ensure that your friend or loved one does not have to wait in ...
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Answering Your Questions About Bail Bonds

Being accused of a crime can be a highly stressful and often confusing experience. One of the first actions that the court will take once you have entered jail is to set your bail. Since it is often ...
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How to Get a Bail Bond

If you have been charged with a crime and cannot afford bail, you may require the assistance of a bail bond company serving Maryland in order to be temporarily freed from custody. While this may be a ...
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How Is Bail Determined?

Many people recognize bail as the set amount of money that a defendant must pay in order to leave custody while waiting for further court proceedings. The amount at which your bail is set may be ...
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What to Expect If You're Arrested

Although individual situations may vary from case to case, the process of being arrested tends to follow the same general path. You will go through processing and arraignment, and you may need to seek ...
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Your Guide to Working with a Bail Bondsman

If one of your close friends or family members has found themselves in police custody, you may want to look into bail bonds to secure their release. A bail bond company serving Maryland can allow you ...
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Step by Step: The Bail Process [INFOGRAPHIC]

Even if you consider yourself an upstanding citizen, you could be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and arrested for a crime. Being arrested can be a stressful event, which is why it’s ...
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What It Means to Skip Bail

A bonding company near Maryland can help you get a family member or friend released from jail, even if the bail amount is much higher than you think you can afford. Surety bail bonds, backed by surety ...
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The Different Types of Bail

After a person has been arrested and booked, bail will be set. Since the law considers all persons “innocent until proven guilty,” those accused of crimes can be released from jail until ...
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Reasons to Choose Dominion Bail Bonds

The process of bailing a family member, close friend, or other loved one out of jail will be stressful. To reduce that stress as much as possible, you want to work with a trustworthy bail bond agent ...
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